Who Is MVP

The major argument that has went on all throughout this year, comes to be, “Who Is MVP”?  The two major names that have been front runners throughout the year are Harden and Westbrook. Fans have been arguing from January to April. And with Westbrook eliminated from the playoffs we still do not have a definite answer. The MVP will not be picked until June 26th.

        But whose really having a better season. Is it Harden or Westbrook. For the series, Harden averaged 33.2 points, 7.0 assists and 6.4 rebounds per game. Oh, and his team is moving on in their pursuit of a championship. NumberFire.com did an article on Harden’s impact.  This has been the major argument for Harden over Westbrook. Many believe that Harden is more important to his team.


Harden’s offensive wizardry makes the game so much easier for the guys around him. He’s averaging 52.8 passes per game — compared to Westbrook’s 64.4 — creating 16.8 points per game for his teammates.

But the major argument for Westbrook is the fact that he’s averaging a triple double. Something that hasn’t done since, Oscar Robertson. Through playoffs Russell averaged Westbrook’s 37.4 points, 10.8 assists and 11.6 rebounds per game is amazing.

The Daily Nebraskan said that Westbrook is the clear choice for MVP. The argument against Westbrook is that while he has led Oklahoma City back to the playoffs in his first season without Kevin Durant, the overall performance of his team isn’t nearly as good as what most of the previous MVPs have led their teams to.

I personally believe that we should have CO-MVP’s for the first time in history. If there was ever a time that this was necessary it is now.




Two Brothers Have Created the App We’ve All Been Asking for

Every person who enjoys playing basketball during their free time has at some point dealt with the problem of finding a place to play.  Once your ready and all set to play, now you have to figure out where everyone is at. But thanks to, two Sacramento State Graduates, we now have an app to find pickup basketball relatively anywhere.

The App is called Hoop Maps. Obsev.com called them real heroes. The Morris twins  aren’t even heroes for their skills on the court—just for envisioning a world where anyone can find themselves on a court whenever they’d like (Obsev).

The Morris twins claimed they were tired of always missing a good game. Dante shared with CBS Sacremento. “There has to be a better opportunity where I get out of work, look at my phone, and see where the games are being played at.”

I’m personally am a person  who enjoys playing basketball and throughout most of my time in the summer I spend it organizing games and getting people together. Now I can just tell everyone “There’s an app for that

Image result for apple there's an app for that

With summer around the corner, this app couldn’t have come at a better time. Hoop Maps can be found in the App. I think everyone in the basketball world should share this app, because it’s simply what we’ve been waiting for.

Ball Till You Fall

Over the last, season Lonzo Ball, has emerged as a college basketball star. His father LaVar Ball, is also an emerged star. Lonzo Ball had a great season for the UCLA Bruins, averaging almost 15 points, 6 rebounds and nearly 8 assists per game. While leading UCLA 31-5 record and ultimately to the sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament.


Lonzo Ball was an expected great player, and he accomplished many things as expected, bu his father may have raised the bar a bit. LaVar has said Lonzo is better than two-time NBA MVP Steph Curry, and he’s made a slew of other questionable and seemingly egregious claims and statements during his son’s meteoric rise to fame. Forbes recently asked “LaVar Ball: Marketing Genius or Outta Control Dad“. On top of all the things LaVar has done, the most outrageous or interesting thing he has done, depending on your perspective, was him demanding a $1 billion shoe contract that covers all three of the Ball sons. This leads many to think there may be a method to his madness.

LaVar then went on to claim that Lonzo is in fact the best player in the world. These comments as expected raised the public to question LaVar’s ball sanity and intentions. We forget that many of the greats spoke like this. From Ali to Jordan to many others. One thing that is being overlooked by many of the critics, is the fact that you are supposed to feel this way. Every competitor is supposed to try and be the best. But things are only different here because LaVar is the one making the comments not Lonzo.

Because all athletes know, that when you speak about it you must be about it, because the target will arise to your back.  Lonzo has not been worried about anything his father has said. Lonzo has even played better through most of the comments. Until the stunning lost to Kentucky. It was as if the Kentucky freshman had paused for a moment to acknowledge the magnitude of the evening, which revolved around UCLA freshman star Lonzo Ball. CBS said that “Lonzo Ball had a bad game at the worst time and LaVar Ball had it coming“.

Lonzo Ball declared for the NBA draft after their loss to Kentucky. Lonzo has also recently made the statement on ESPN that his father statements do not effect him in anyway, he stated at the end of the day he is the one on the court. If Lonzo can deal with his father, then maybe we all can. Besides like LaVar says, its all entertainment anyway.


The Banning of Charles Oakley


Charles Oakley a former NY Knicks legend, was ejected last Wednesday for bath mouthing owner of the Knicks James Dolan. This ejection spurred a lot of reactions from players and the basketball community. Watching a hall of famer get almost dragged made many Knick fans feel uncomfortable. Some say he deserved it for what he did. Madison Square Garden’s policies are very clear in that they require that no person be subjected to verbal abuse of any kind by a fan in the arena On Wednesday, security escorted Oakley from Madison Square Garden during New York’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers. According to Begley, the New York Police Department arrested Oakley and charged him with three counts of assault and criminal trespassing. The decision to ban Oakley has caused a split between the Knicks community. Spike Lee has been wearing Charles Oakley jersey since then.ex8phoe

CBS sports said that Spike Lee is questioning James Nolan and proudly wearing Charles Oakley’s jersey.  Lee told ESPN’s Ian Begley that he was “in tears” seeing Oakley get handcuffed at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday and questioned Knicks owner James Dolan on the details of the statement released by the organization. James Dolan is now saying that he thinks Oakley has problems. “I’m sure he has problems,” Dolan told the Post. “I didn’t have the problem he has, but when you’re fighting addiction, it’s not that much different from anger management or other diseases where you can’t control yourself.” Charles Oakley has disputed James Dolan’s implication that the former Knicks star has a drinking problem, telling the New York Post on Saturday that he visits treatment centers to support others, including former NBA player Jayson Williams. Everyone is at a tear in this situation. But it seems that the people are with Oakley.