Tis The Season


The  most wonderful “holiday” is upon us. No not Christmas, were talking about a week long holiday that single handedly changes the world.

Spring Break is one of the most infamous things about college. From eight years old I was asking what’s the big deal about college spring break. As my sister would take the remote from me to watch the celebrities perform on MTV’s Spring Break concert. I would always be puzzled at the excitement the kids would express on the beach. This was until I became that kid on the beach.


Spring Break like all breaks gives the much needed release from classes. But Spring Break does it with style. In 2015,  Chicago Tribune reported that over 50 percent of university students planned to travel for spring break. That’s a lot of people awaiting this infamous date.

Lauren Padilla from USA today said it best.

If spring break were a character, it would be Regina George’s mom from Mean Girls. “I’m not a regular break. I’m a cool break,” it would say. Unlike winter or fall vacations, full of apple crisp and family get-togethers, spring break is … hardcore.

For more reasons than one spring break is the most important break for college students.
Most college students have a crazy spring break experience that they can’t wait to tell their kids. Students go so crazy during spring break the rest of the world hates it. Some places like Gulf Shores have made an announcement to the spring breakers, “We’ll Arrest you“.


Safety and health is also important as the CDC is warning students about the harmful Zika virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning travelers heading to Central America, South America, the Pacific islands, parts of Asia and even the Miami and Brownsville, Texas areas to take precautions against the mosquito-borne disease.

Although we know Spring Break is a great time for us all we must enjoy ourselves while taking the necessary precautions It’s very important that students remain smart and safe throughout break. We know the show much go on regardless of the party poopers, we still must keep them in mind.


Durant and Westbrook

Westbrook and Durant represent basketball’s rare but existent drama within the league.  Since Kevin Durant chose to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and go play for the Golden State Warriors, it has caused a lot of controversy. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant both emerged within the Thunder organization. As they emerged as superstars their friendship also blossomed. kevin-durant-warrior-russell-westbrook-warriors-thunder

Kevin Durant would even call Westbrook his brother. Because of this when Durant chose to go to the team that the Oklahoma City Thunder lost to, the media immediately looked to see the reaction of his brother. The Bleacher Report even claimed he received word from Durant through text. Russell did not react to the decision immediately, no matter how much he was asked. Durant’s decision shocked the Oklahoma, the NBA, and Oklahoma and ultimately, the world.370e2474-5893-4933-b211-568d2ccb8b94.nba_1_1280x720.jpg As time went on, it was revealed that Durant and Westbrook relationship is no longer as it is. westbrook-durant_1o82g3r3iucge1qs4ows75nrnrThrough their three meetings so far during the 2016-2017 season, the world has longed to see a reconciliation between the two. As all star weekend emerges, the feud for the media anyways, only grows. All weekend Westbrook and Durant have both done  very well to avoid questions about each other. It’s been closely watched by everybody. Westbrook and Durant are essentially being treated like two kids who need to make up. This is the problem within it’s self. Friendships grow and die, it’s a process of life. It almost seems that we are trying to force two grown men to reconcile for our own egos.


The Banning of Charles Oakley


Charles Oakley a former NY Knicks legend, was ejected last Wednesday for bath mouthing owner of the Knicks James Dolan. This ejection spurred a lot of reactions from players and the basketball community. Watching a hall of famer get almost dragged made many Knick fans feel uncomfortable. Some say he deserved it for what he did. Madison Square Garden’s policies are very clear in that they require that no person be subjected to verbal abuse of any kind by a fan in the arena On Wednesday, security escorted Oakley from Madison Square Garden during New York’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers. According to Begley, the New York Police Department arrested Oakley and charged him with three counts of assault and criminal trespassing. The decision to ban Oakley has caused a split between the Knicks community. Spike Lee has been wearing Charles Oakley jersey since then.ex8phoe

CBS sports said that Spike Lee is questioning James Nolan and proudly wearing Charles Oakley’s jersey.  Lee told ESPN’s Ian Begley that he was “in tears” seeing Oakley get handcuffed at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday and questioned Knicks owner James Dolan on the details of the statement released by the organization. James Dolan is now saying that he thinks Oakley has problems. “I’m sure he has problems,” Dolan told the Post. “I didn’t have the problem he has, but when you’re fighting addiction, it’s not that much different from anger management or other diseases where you can’t control yourself.” Charles Oakley has disputed James Dolan’s implication that the former Knicks star has a drinking problem, telling the New York Post on Saturday that he visits treatment centers to support others, including former NBA player Jayson Williams. Everyone is at a tear in this situation. But it seems that the people are with Oakley.



Go to School They Said

student-loanAs a kid they all told us to go to the school but what they didn’t tell us was that we would be  accompanied by a large sum of debt. We must be aware of the current epidemic that is student loans. Student loans are the highest they have ever been, and it will only get worse. Student loan debt is becoming so insane that not going to college could very well be interpreted as a  business decision. Neil Swidey from Globe said that “The College Debt Crisis Is Worse Than You Think“. She said that even though we tell students they need a bachelors degree to get ahead, the numbers may not add up for the students. These students are often being loaded up with staggering debt that is completely out of whack with the earnings boost they’ll likely get from a degree at a non selective or less selective college”.  How much is this debt exactly?


According to The Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS) Project on Student Debt, the average borrower will graduate $26,600 in the red. 10 percent graduating with more than 40,000 in debt and 1 percent graduating with $100,000. Forbes did an article explaining the total amount of the student loan debt, they said that the total student loan debt was 1 Trillion. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the database which proclaimed that student loan debt has reached a new milestone, crossing the $1.2 trillion mark — $1 trillion of that in federal student loan debt. But yet regardless of these problems we will be told in the end it will all be worth it. But from a business aspect is it really. “You’ll pay it back off, you will get a good job, there is nothing to worry about”. John Wasik explained “Why College Loans Are The Worst Debt“.  This article revealed a truth that we don’t want to accept.  Relatively small debts can cause big problems, he found. “There is no ‘safe’ amount of student debt: Borrowers with small balances struggle to repay them at the same rate as borrowers with higher balances.” Just by going to college we are taking a risk regardless of whether we want to accept it. My father always told me to be be ready for what you step into. As college students we need to understand this most of all, our financial life may very well depend on it. bigstock-Debt-Free-Green-Road-Sign-with-14349353.jpg

Never Count Out Brady


Tom Brady is one of the most amazing quarterbacks to ever do it. Time and time again we see him do the craziest feats and amazing comebacks. GQ called him  The greatest quarterback in NFL history. The NY Times said that Tom Brady Cannot Stop. Everyone admires Brady even President Trump. As of late that seems to be the only thing some may not like about Tom Brady. USA Today claimed that “Tom Brady has some explaining to do on Donald Trump“. However Tom Brady is so untouchable even those that despise the president cannot despise him for his friendship with the president. untitled.png
Many “Tom Brady Haters” as they care called, claim that the man gets away with everything. Well tonight was one of the reasons why he does. Dead spin said that he sealed his status as the greatest ever. Tonight Super Bowl seemed to be even more special. Tonight was confirmation. Everyone has to now be sure of his greatness, the blind eye will be a hard procedure to take. The Patriots erased a 25-point lead, destroying the Falcons, who had looked like a dead lock to finally win their first Super Bowl after three quarters of slashing the Patriots on offense and defense, repeatedly humbling Brady with savage hits and skillful secondary play in crucial situations. This was not enough, as they always say never count out Brady. Tonight was very special indeed.  LeGarratte Blount, after the Super Bowl called Tom Brady the greatest. Can anyone deny it at this point? Can you still be a Tom Brady hater? We will find out tomorrow. 5-tom-brady-super-bowl-trophy-tom-brady-peyton-manning-rivalry.jpg

Social Media & Hiring

thKRX5VAWO.jpgIt seems as if everybody knows a guy who claims to know a guy that lost his job because of social media. Teens are starting to find this speech tiring as it becomes less and less convincing. This may be problematic for young world. The fact of the matter is that it’s true.thmr1edc13 Forbes article in 2013, titled “How Social Media Can Help or Hurt You“, pointed out both positive and negatives.  One of the people used as an example in the article was Greg Simpson, a senior vice president at Lee Hecht Harrison. He said in  a press statement said that as a job seeker it is very beneficial to understand how the hiring managers and recruiters are using social media in all phases of the selection process. Career builder (one of the most visited employment websites in the United States as ranked by Alexa),  found that 37% of employers use social media. Some do not think that corporations should check employees social media. Wall Street Journal asked many employers what do they think. Nancy Flynn said Yes, employers should use social media. She claimed it helped corporations protect themselves. David Saracino (NY Times Writer)  said he’s never had a social media account ever and hopes that more people should follow his lead. His reasons like many others was simply that “You should quit social media because it can hurt your career“. Many do truly see this as a safer alternative. What he is also neglecting by quitting social media, is the benefits. Career Builder also did an article pointing out social media networks we should be using to benefit us during the higher process. They mentioned blogs and twitter, professional networking sites, and  personal profiles like  Facebook. They claimed that, In addition to creating a professional presence on social media, you can use these sites to network and interact with industry leaders, stay in touch with past co-workers, garner recommendations and share your own ideas. Both sides of the argument make sense. Either you use social media to benefit you to employers or you don’t use it all. Make it a bonus not a defect.

College Atheletes Freedom of Speech. 

Many college teams ban their players from tweeting for a multitude of reasons. Coaches claim that not only are they protecting their players reputations from stupid tweets/posts. As we have seen time and time again, prospects losing their scholarships and endorsements due to social media.


The NCAA also prohibits players from posting anything on social media violating the rules. But schools taking the initiative to completely ban their players from social media may be a bit far. ABC news did an article claiming that “Social Media Bans May Violate First Amendment“. The men’s basketball teams at Minnesota, Purdue, Iowa and Louisville all barred their players from tweeting last season. (“It poisons their minds,” Cardinals coach Rick Pitino said). But many others feel that social media it is their voice when needed to be socially aware. In April, Josh Rosen, UCLA’s quarterback, posted an image on Instagram of himself golfing at a course owned by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. While Rosen’s posts struck an irreverent tone, they aren’t the only time in recent years that college athletes have taken a stand over political, social or athletics issues. If college athletes social media pages are banned, their voice is also gone. There must be a fine line, between following team rules while also being able to speak out. rose

Just as we seen athletes do during Black Lives Matter protests. Lebron James Derrick rose and many others not only used their voice on social media but also expressed themselves with shirts. Athletes must be able to still voice their opinions on social constructs without being criticized. If they cannot we must break down if the first amendment actually exists.