Taking A Semester Off

At some point before senior year of college most college students contemplate taking a semester off.  Some claim it’s necessary sometimes for a persons mental health. Especially if they are overwhelmed and school’s stressing them out hectically. But as soon as you bring this idea to someone else, they’ll immediately tell you that, “you’re not gonna come back”.  So many college dropouts were students who just wanted “a semester off”. That one semester off turned into an eternity.  But is that it? Are their college students who are able to successfully take a semester off and come back recharged? Or do they just all end up not coming back.

What about the students who have no choice? The ones whose FASFA amounts steadily decrease until the point of having to work two jobs. Is it still not reasonable for them to take a semester off because of the risk of not coming back. They are already at risk regardless. Taking a semester off may be the hand you are dealt, but either way its a gamble.

Studenomics did an interesting article titled “Taking the semester off from college, is it worth it“?  They give positive reasons as to why taking a semester off could be beneficial. One intelligent concept they push, which I have heard from nowhere else, is actively paying ya student loan debt while on a break.

This s a very advanced thinking. But one has to have the means of being able to afford to pay their debt. Meaning while you are taking time off, you end up finding a very good job. But in reality finishing college in 4 years is a social construct. And we all know everybody in society does not fall within the lines of every social construct they are supposed to follow. One student made a powerful quote on the subject. She stated

“I took time off because it was right for me. What I found was that I’m not the only one who felt the way I did. And even more importantly, I don’t have to follow the path that everyone thinks must be followed. I took time off and I’m finishing early. What others say about you says more about them than it does you. Don’t judge people just because they sin differently than you” (HerCampus.com) .


The Odyssey Online also claimed that taking a semester off is a good way to recharge . However, they also speak on the return rate. But they claim that those who don’t come back are those who realized college is not for them. They may now be in their field getting experience or traveling the world.

In Conclusion there are various reasons why it may be necessary for one to take a semester off. If they are plagued with certain issues, or simply just find themselves doing a lot of self questioning. Either way we cannot question people’s decisions for their life. We are all simply just experiencing and trying to find out OUR specific path.


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