Two Brothers Have Created the App We’ve All Been Asking for

Every person who enjoys playing basketball during their free time has at some point dealt with the problem of finding a place to play.  Once your ready and all set to play, now you have to figure out where everyone is at. But thanks to, two Sacramento State Graduates, we now have an app to find pickup basketball relatively anywhere.

The App is called Hoop Maps. called them real heroes. The Morris twins  aren’t even heroes for their skills on the court—just for envisioning a world where anyone can find themselves on a court whenever they’d like (Obsev).

The Morris twins claimed they were tired of always missing a good game. Dante shared with CBS Sacremento. “There has to be a better opportunity where I get out of work, look at my phone, and see where the games are being played at.”

I’m personally am a person  who enjoys playing basketball and throughout most of my time in the summer I spend it organizing games and getting people together. Now I can just tell everyone “There’s an app for that

Image result for apple there's an app for that

With summer around the corner, this app couldn’t have come at a better time. Hoop Maps can be found in the App. I think everyone in the basketball world should share this app, because it’s simply what we’ve been waiting for.


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