Presidential Twitter Fingers 

The question everyone’s asking, will President Trump continue to tweet like he has, even as president? Many people are skeptical about what happens now. Some believe that a president should not stir up controversy over social media, like Trump would once do and occasionally still does. Actually, many people met trump through Twitter. The infamous but powerful tweets.


The Washington Post asked the question from an open perspective. “Can President Trump tweet whatever he wants“. Former President Obama was the only other commander-in-chief to use this social media platform (Twitter was invented in 2006), and his approach included a communications team that carefully vetted and approved each tweet. Trump, who usually tweets himself or dictates tweets to his staff, has already pushed the boundaries of that precedent since taking office.

NY Daily News quoted Donald Trump stating “I Dont Like Tweeting“. Reuters also reported after Trump took office, that he will in fact keep Tweeting.

Donald Trump claimed he doesn't like tweeting in an interview late Tuesday. 

“Look, I don’t like tweeting, I have other things I can be doing,” Trump told Fox News in an interview set to air in full on Wednesday morning. “But I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press. And it’s my only way that I can counteract. When people make misstatements about me, I’m able to say it and call it out.”

Regardless of whether Trump should tweet or not his strategy of voicing himself on social media, has not only made him more popular but could also very well be the reason he won the election.  We are living in the future, a time where you could scroll up and see the president tweeting what on his mind. Like many have already embraced Trump as he is the president of the United States. The next difficult thing we must embrace is here. His tweets.



3 thoughts on “Presidential Twitter Fingers ”

  1. Trump has not filter on twitter. He says and does what he wants. I feel as though he should’ve toned down his tweets a little bit since getting into office. I’m not a fan of Trump at all but I do like the fact that he does have a social media presence.

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  2. I personally am one of those people that believes that Trump should not stir things up online the way he has a tendency to. As the leader of this nation, he needs to become more professional with what he posts and shares.


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