Tis The Season


The  most wonderful “holiday” is upon us. No not Christmas, were talking about a week long holiday that single handedly changes the world.

Spring Break is one of the most infamous things about college. From eight years old I was asking what’s the big deal about college spring break. As my sister would take the remote from me to watch the celebrities perform on MTV’s Spring Break concert. I would always be puzzled at the excitement the kids would express on the beach. This was until I became that kid on the beach.


Spring Break like all breaks gives the much needed release from classes. But Spring Break does it with style. In 2015,  Chicago Tribune reported that over 50 percent of university students planned to travel for spring break. That’s a lot of people awaiting this infamous date.

Lauren Padilla from USA today said it best.

If spring break were a character, it would be Regina George’s mom from Mean Girls. “I’m not a regular break. I’m a cool break,” it would say. Unlike winter or fall vacations, full of apple crisp and family get-togethers, spring break is … hardcore.

For more reasons than one spring break is the most important break for college students.
Most college students have a crazy spring break experience that they can’t wait to tell their kids. Students go so crazy during spring break the rest of the world hates it. Some places like Gulf Shores have made an announcement to the spring breakers, “We’ll Arrest you“.


Safety and health is also important as the CDC is warning students about the harmful Zika virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning travelers heading to Central America, South America, the Pacific islands, parts of Asia and even the Miami and Brownsville, Texas areas to take precautions against the mosquito-borne disease.

Although we know Spring Break is a great time for us all we must enjoy ourselves while taking the necessary precautions It’s very important that students remain smart and safe throughout break. We know the show much go on regardless of the party poopers, we still must keep them in mind.


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