Durant and Westbrook

Westbrook and Durant represent basketball’s rare but existent drama within the league.  Since Kevin Durant chose to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and go play for the Golden State Warriors, it has caused a lot of controversy. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant both emerged within the Thunder organization. As they emerged as superstars their friendship also blossomed. kevin-durant-warrior-russell-westbrook-warriors-thunder

Kevin Durant would even call Westbrook his brother. Because of this when Durant chose to go to the team that the Oklahoma City Thunder lost to, the media immediately looked to see the reaction of his brother. The Bleacher Report even claimed he received word from Durant through text. Russell did not react to the decision immediately, no matter how much he was asked. Durant’s decision shocked the Oklahoma, the NBA, and Oklahoma and ultimately, the world.370e2474-5893-4933-b211-568d2ccb8b94.nba_1_1280x720.jpg As time went on, it was revealed that Durant and Westbrook relationship is no longer as it is. westbrook-durant_1o82g3r3iucge1qs4ows75nrnrThrough their three meetings so far during the 2016-2017 season, the world has longed to see a reconciliation between the two. As all star weekend emerges, the feud for the media anyways, only grows. All weekend Westbrook and Durant have both done  very well to avoid questions about each other. It’s been closely watched by everybody. Westbrook and Durant are essentially being treated like two kids who need to make up. This is the problem within it’s self. Friendships grow and die, it’s a process of life. It almost seems that we are trying to force two grown men to reconcile for our own egos.



4 thoughts on “Durant and Westbrook”

  1. Cool blog post, I like writing about the NBA too. Funny these two only played about a minute together at the all star game, but that alley oop from Durant to Westbrook was nasty. Not a huge Russ Westbrook guy, we’ll see if he’s still talking about loyalty and KD backstabbing him to go to a front-runner when he’s playing for the Lakers or someone else when his contract is up.

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  2. Hey, cool blog and I like your post! I write a lot about the NBA too and I recently wrote about KD and Westbrook. I agree, everyone should just leave them alone. If Westbrook doesn’t want to reconcile, then let him be (I don’t really blame him, either) Their alley-oop was nice, but I don’t think it’s “fixed” their relationship in any type of way. I feel like if they ever do make up, it’ll be on Westbrook’s time.

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