The Banning of Charles Oakley


Charles Oakley a former NY Knicks legend, was ejected last Wednesday for bath mouthing owner of the Knicks James Dolan. This ejection spurred a lot of reactions from players and the basketball community. Watching a hall of famer get almost dragged made many Knick fans feel uncomfortable. Some say he deserved it for what he did. Madison Square Garden’s policies are very clear in that they require that no person be subjected to verbal abuse of any kind by a fan in the arena On Wednesday, security escorted Oakley from Madison Square Garden during New York’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers. According to Begley, the New York Police Department arrested Oakley and charged him with three counts of assault and criminal trespassing. The decision to ban Oakley has caused a split between the Knicks community. Spike Lee has been wearing Charles Oakley jersey since then.ex8phoe

CBS sports said that Spike Lee is questioning James Nolan and proudly wearing Charles Oakley’s jersey.  Lee told ESPN’s Ian Begley that he was “in tears” seeing Oakley get handcuffed at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday and questioned Knicks owner James Dolan on the details of the statement released by the organization. James Dolan is now saying that he thinks Oakley has problems. “I’m sure he has problems,” Dolan told the Post. “I didn’t have the problem he has, but when you’re fighting addiction, it’s not that much different from anger management or other diseases where you can’t control yourself.” Charles Oakley has disputed James Dolan’s implication that the former Knicks star has a drinking problem, telling the New York Post on Saturday that he visits treatment centers to support others, including former NBA player Jayson Williams. Everyone is at a tear in this situation. But it seems that the people are with Oakley.




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