Social Media & Hiring

thKRX5VAWO.jpgIt seems as if everybody knows a guy who claims to know a guy that lost his job because of social media. Teens are starting to find this speech tiring as it becomes less and less convincing. This may be problematic for young world. The fact of the matter is that it’s true.thmr1edc13 Forbes article in 2013, titled “How Social Media Can Help or Hurt You“, pointed out both positive and negatives.  One of the people used as an example in the article was Greg Simpson, a senior vice president at Lee Hecht Harrison. He said in  a press statement said that as a job seeker it is very beneficial to understand how the hiring managers and recruiters are using social media in all phases of the selection process. Career builder (one of the most visited employment websites in the United States as ranked by Alexa),  found that 37% of employers use social media. Some do not think that corporations should check employees social media. Wall Street Journal asked many employers what do they think. Nancy Flynn said Yes, employers should use social media. She claimed it helped corporations protect themselves. David Saracino (NY Times Writer)  said he’s never had a social media account ever and hopes that more people should follow his lead. His reasons like many others was simply that “You should quit social media because it can hurt your career“. Many do truly see this as a safer alternative. What he is also neglecting by quitting social media, is the benefits. Career Builder also did an article pointing out social media networks we should be using to benefit us during the higher process. They mentioned blogs and twitter, professional networking sites, and  personal profiles like  Facebook. They claimed that, In addition to creating a professional presence on social media, you can use these sites to network and interact with industry leaders, stay in touch with past co-workers, garner recommendations and share your own ideas. Both sides of the argument make sense. Either you use social media to benefit you to employers or you don’t use it all. Make it a bonus not a defect.


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