Never Count Out Brady


Tom Brady is one of the most amazing quarterbacks to ever do it. Time and time again we see him do the craziest feats and amazing comebacks. GQ called him  The greatest quarterback in NFL history. The NY Times said that Tom Brady Cannot Stop. Everyone admires Brady even President Trump. As of late that seems to be the only thing some may not like about Tom Brady. USA Today claimed that “Tom Brady has some explaining to do on Donald Trump“. However Tom Brady is so untouchable even those that despise the president cannot despise him for his friendship with the president. untitled.png
Many “Tom Brady Haters” as they care called, claim that the man gets away with everything. Well tonight was one of the reasons why he does. Dead spin said that he sealed his status as the greatest ever. Tonight Super Bowl seemed to be even more special. Tonight was confirmation. Everyone has to now be sure of his greatness, the blind eye will be a hard procedure to take. The Patriots erased a 25-point lead, destroying the Falcons, who had looked like a dead lock to finally win their first Super Bowl after three quarters of slashing the Patriots on offense and defense, repeatedly humbling Brady with savage hits and skillful secondary play in crucial situations. This was not enough, as they always say never count out Brady. Tonight was very special indeed.  LeGarratte Blount, after the Super Bowl called Tom Brady the greatest. Can anyone deny it at this point? Can you still be a Tom Brady hater? We will find out tomorrow. 5-tom-brady-super-bowl-trophy-tom-brady-peyton-manning-rivalry.jpg


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