Lockeroom Vs Media

The Lockeroom is considered to be a sacred place on the basketball court. Great teams are said to be ones that are capable of handling their problems without disclosing them to the media. Kevin Garnett even claimed that “Greatness Begins In The Lockeroom“.

NCAA Football: National Championship-Ohio State vs Oregon

For this reason you will see people like Jabari Parker being benched for talking to the media. Jabari Parker still young is being taught the ways. But it seems the older vets forget the little things. As Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Butler too made the same mistake. Sports on earth also did an article titled “Nothing is Sacred“. The article perfectly describes how athletes have almost nothing in their lives they can completely keep at their disclosure. Further emphasizing why the Locker Room should be sacred. But the real culprit is the media and their ability to take advantage of teams and over exaggerate small problems. Many believe that athletes shouldn’t even have to talk the media but because of their contract they have no choice.

lynchBecause of this we seen players like  Marshawn Lynch express hate for the media. One of these days the real culprit will have to atone for their sins. And one of the ways this will happen will be when players give the media absolutely nothing for weeks. Russell Westbrook is also another player who at times doesn’t give the media anything. As players learn to not allow the media to take advantage of them. They come to find that not saying anything may be the answer. While answering there problems with there teammates in the lockeroom instead.


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