College Atheletes Freedom of Speech. 

Many college teams ban their players from tweeting for a multitude of reasons. Coaches claim that not only are they protecting their players reputations from stupid tweets/posts. As we have seen time and time again, prospects losing their scholarships and endorsements due to social media.


The NCAA also prohibits players from posting anything on social media violating the rules. But schools taking the initiative to completely ban their players from social media may be a bit far. ABC news did an article claiming that “Social Media Bans May Violate First Amendment“. The men’s basketball teams at Minnesota, Purdue, Iowa and Louisville all barred their players from tweeting last season. (“It poisons their minds,” Cardinals coach Rick Pitino said). But many others feel that social media it is their voice when needed to be socially aware. In April, Josh Rosen, UCLA’s quarterback, posted an image on Instagram of himself golfing at a course owned by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. While Rosen’s posts struck an irreverent tone, they aren’t the only time in recent years that college athletes have taken a stand over political, social or athletics issues. If college athletes social media pages are banned, their voice is also gone. There must be a fine line, between following team rules while also being able to speak out. rose

Just as we seen athletes do during Black Lives Matter protests. Lebron James Derrick rose and many others not only used their voice on social media but also expressed themselves with shirts. Athletes must be able to still voice their opinions on social constructs without being criticized. If they cannot we must break down if the first amendment actually exists.


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