Highly Nominated But Yet The Most Hated : President Trump



The task of making America great again was expected to rise up some conflict. But I don’t think no one seen this uproar coming. The past three days has been filled with protests all over the country, powerful figures speaking out and a feeling of disappointment spreading within America. No matter where you went within the United States, you weren’t very far from people mutually expressing disappointment for our newly inaugurated president. After Trump’s inauguration the reactions became more and more clear. CNN did an article describing many alternate reactions from the inauguration (How’d He Do? In which many different CNN contributors described how they felt about it. Lanhee J. Chen simply described it as Trump basically saying that he wont change. “The speech was indeed targeted at those who supported him during the campaign, but it also sent a strong and important message to those who did not — the message that we should not expect Trump to change just because he’s been sworn in as our new president”. Another contributor to the article Ruth Ben-Ghiat, claimed that Trump’s authoritarianism showed greatly. She stated that “Trump positioned himself as a populist above all party politics — a red flag of authoritarianism, and another sign that the GOP was simply his vehicle to get into power”. CNN also portrayed global reactions. The article showed reactions from many different countries around the world reacting to the newly elected president Trump. Reactions from A Women’s March in Brussels elicited criticism of Trump’s offensive comments about women and alleged cases of sexual harassment. The demonstration drew participants from a range of countries, including Norway and Spain. However Trump received warm welcomes from India and China. It seems as everyone has to draw a line between supporting the president or being completely against him. Some people like Theresa May claims to have accepted him but have made it known that they will not be afraid to challenge him. She proudly told BBC reporters she  looks forward to meeting Trump but will not be afraid to tell President Trump if he does or says anything unacceptable. This is all not so bad, but that is only because I haven’t got to the rough part yet. The woman’s march mentioned that’s going in other countries began here.

anti_trump_protestDonald Trump

Hundreds and thousands of woman stormed U.S cities with waves of protests against the president. Organizers drew over 5 million protestors, a number that no one especially not Trump imagined. So-called Sister March organizers estimated 750,000 demonstrators swarmed the streets of Los Angeles, one of the largest of Saturday’s gatherings. Police said the turnout there was as big or bigger than a 2006 pro-immigration march that drew 500,000.  Needless to say, these are not just numbers, these are real people. Millions of real people protesting on behalf of President Trump. Will he ever be able to win them over? Will this cause a setback in Making America Great Again?  Well, they say bad break up usually take time. Maybe our country is in an angry stage. But the final question is how long will it last.



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